Your Life. Your Money. Your Plan.

Your Life.

Discovery session that utilizes tools to define and clarify your overall life values, goals and dreams. We will meet in an inspirational place and spend about 90 minutes together. Our conversation may become very intimate and even emotional. Please be prepared to share, knowing that our discussion will be held in the highest confidence.

Your money.

Now that I understand a bit more about where you are coming from as it relates to life and money, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of your finances. This step will require homework and will probably be your least favorite step! I’ll be asking you to actually open your statements, dig up documents you probably tucked away years ago, and take a look at where your money is going on a weekly basis. You will have to invest a couple hours of your personal time in order for this to be the most effective.

Your plan.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Where we get your ducks in a row. And where I will separate myself from all the other financial planners you could hire. Not only will we put together a plan, I will actually sit down with you to complete the action steps. For example, if we determine that you can roll 3 old 401(k) plans into an IRA, I’ll actually sit with you at the computer while we complete the paperwork, open the account, pick the investments, etc. If you want to contribute to that IRA, I’ll help you make that happen.


One Response to “Your Life. Your Money. Your Plan.”

  1. Mike Gentry Says:

    Personable and articulate narrative; simple and clear. I like that.

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